Children` s Dental Medicine

Treatment ofdiseases ofdeciduous teeth

Healthy temporary (milk) teeth are necessary for the normal nutrition of the child and for the proper and timely breakthrough of permanent dentition. It is typical of milk teeth decay its rapid course, from the appearance of white spots on the enamel to the change of color to brown. It is followed by chipping a piece of the dental crown and formation of carious teeth defect. In the temporary teeth complications of caries such as pulpit, gangrene and abscess occur quickly. Therefore, after the temporary teeth break through, early diagnosis by the dentist, adequate treatment and the preventive advice given must be taken into account.

Treatment of children` s permanent teeth 

- In the smallest appearance of change in color of enamel in permanent children` s teeth after their breakthrough, a visit to the dentist is urgent.

- Sealants on children's permanent molars

- Deep fissures, pits, cracks and unevenness of children's permanent teeth often retain food and plaque, and are difficult to clean. These are the most common places to develop caries. Sealant is a composite plastic which helps in the prevention of dental caries. The masticatory tooth surface becomes smoother, retains less plaque and gets cleaned more easily with a toothbrush. As soon as the first molars after 6 years of age erupt, dental sealants can be placed to provide sufficient time for the final mineralization of the enamel.

- In addition, we can make fluoride therapy of the teeth of your children by applying fluoride which increases the resistance towards agents causing teeth decay. Topical fluoride gel, paste or paint is applied normally during the professional care procedure.


Children` s Dental Medicine