Caries and its prevention

What is caries /tooth decay/?

Caries is an infectious disease of the teeth. If you do not treat damaged teeth from decay, then you carry the risk of infecting the healthy teeth as well. Therefore, the early diagnosis of all caries and their treatment is of essential importance.

How to treat caries?

Removal of caries in Dental Clinic Amaya is performed without pain, with modern equipment. The process is extremely friendly, thanks to modern dental technology and treatment methods. Early detection of decay allows us to use treatment approaches and methods of minimally invasive dentistry.

Minimally invasive dentistry?

Minimally invasive dentistry is a fundamental concept in modern dentistry. It is based on the following main principles:

-Early identification and evaluation of the potential risk factors in order to prevent dental caries.

-Determination of the reasons for the development of carious process.

-Preparation of a plan for prevention.

-Use of re-mineralizing agents.

-Restoration of the tooth in a conservative way. 

Caries and its prevention